Innovo API’s data extraction technology converts receipts and invoices into structured data thanks to our in-house multi-layered framework which harnesses the combined power of machine learning algorithms, OCR, and a series of validation processes to make invoice and expense handling more efficient.

For you, it’s as simple as taking a photo with a smartphone and sending it to us.

Fast & Accurate Processing

Innovo API can be securely and easily integrated into third-party applications. Our dynamic endpoint allows you to handle a wide range of web requests. You can manage authorization by an access token, which is submitted with each request.

Easy Integration With Your Own Applications

Traditional OCR solutions heavily depend on pre-defined rules or templates for each document type. Innovo API’s technology is able to extract and validate information from a wide range of documents without the need of pre-defined templates.

No Templates, No Limitations

Innovo API supports direct response to web requests. Besides API calls, the Innovo API provides webhooks that allow you to subscribe to specific events. The API can send HTTP requests to endpoints that you configure when an event occurs.

Flexible Delivery

Our automated document management, processing, classification and data extraction solution brings value to companies from a wide range of sectors, including insurance, accountancy, financial services and F&B.

Industry Versatility

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